IP Geolocation Datasets

This web page documents our datasets for IP geolocation. Our datasets are available upon request.


The methods and analysis of the datasets can be found at the paper [1]

  • Zi Hu, John Heidemann and Yuri Pradkin 2012. Towards Geolocation of Millions of IP Addresses. Proceedings of the ACM Internet Measurement Conference (Boston, MA, USA, 2012), 123–130. [DOI] [PDF] Details


We have defined a mapping from latitude and longtitude to color that we find helpful. We encourage others to make use of it, and provide sample implementations in perl and python.

We also provide tools to convert Maxmind data to Fsdb format to make it easier to use for bulk operations. Please use this tool to generate supplemental geolocation data for outage analysis.


The datasets we generated are:

Taken together these datasets provide complete coverage at the individual IP level for 2012. This data can be browsed on the web.

For the detail formats of each dataset, please refer to the corresponding README file at our dataset list page.